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Junk Food Relationships!

The sun is coming over the horizon, the family is loaded into the car, with excitement, because the vacation that was planned 8 months ago is finally here.  The first stop is at the donut shop to grab breakfast and a few hours later, lunch is being served from a drive through window.  As the day ensues, everyone begins to get hungry and restless but you want to sit down to have a nice meal.  As you continue to drive down the highway, you pass exit after exit, with no good restaurants  in sight, you finally give in and go for what is easy and might satisfy the taste buds but isn't necessarily nourishing.  Then, the very next exit, your favorite sit-down restaurant appears but since everyone is filled up on junk food, you continue to pass. 

Relationships are just like this family vacation journey.  Think about when you were a little girl and you planned to marry that special man in the sparkling white dress, all your family around, and you are staring in your soul mate's eyes when you say "I do."  Or, when you were that little boy and your dream wife was a woman that turned everyone's head when she walked into the room, she didn't fuss or fight with you, and she would do anything to please you just because she adored and loved you that much.

On your way to that dream person, your appetite or desire to be in a relationship makes you settle, and now when the person of your dreams arrives, you are already filled up or taken by someone else.  It's just like the old saying "when I was single, no one wanted to call or talk to me, but when I get involved, people come out of nowhere" which can lead to an "entanglement."  The lure of lust with the sweet nothings that one will whisper into your ear or the money that someone might flash are just distractions that are sent your way to fill you up with other stuff so that you don't have the appetite for your one true soul mate. 

So are you filling up on junk relationships or are you working your way up for the big appetite of your soul mate?  Have you ever considered what type of person is worth building up an appetite for?  Why do you think you settled for a quick fix rather than wait for what is for you and only you?  What "junk relationship" do you need to consider cutting out of your days so that you will be more hungry for that special one? #SPEAK2MYHEART

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