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Recognize Your Self Truth


Although I am not a coffee drinker, I know of two catchy phrases from two distinct coffee makers. The first is Folgers' "the best part about waking up is Folgers in your cup" and Maxwell House's "good to the last drop?" Whether it is coffee or anything else, it's something about that last of "whatever" that makes you want more or has satisfied you so much that it has put you over the top.

I'm not sure who knows the slap-it game, but the rules were that if a person saw you putting the last of your food or drink up to your mouth, they would rudely knock it out of your hand. For them, it was a laughing and joking matter, but to the one it happened to, it was none of the sorts. Could you imagine someone having the audacity to knock your last away from you?

Although I am referencing food and drinks and how that last bit is so satisfying, we rarely look at people the same way. Think about when the phrase ".... is getting on my last nerve, which means they are fed up, angry, annoyed, frustrated, and provoked. Getting on my last nerve describes the feelings of someone who has been lied to, stolen from, befriended, harassed, abused, cursed, or disrespected in some shape, form, or fashion.

We notice the difference when we think of our last nerve and the last drop. I might have let these words slip from my mouth one or two times, if not many more, during my life for some of the reasons mentioned. During these periods, I can embarrassingly admit that I have given up on people I felt were not as passionate and engaged as I was in certain situations, which has caused me to utter those words because they did get on my last nerve. By allowing my expectations to overrule reality, I possibly severed ties with people that didn't deserve it.

Instead of adequately communicating with them, I became the judge and the jury and banished them from me. Now hear me out. In my frustration, I thought I was doing the right thing but was I? The pattern of when someone does something wrong, the first reaction is to withdraw love, respect, and communication from that person.

None of us have lived a perfect life. Based on our expectations of others, we have lost friendships, relationships, business partners, and family members because they betrayed or didn't meet the expectation we placed upon them (knowingly or unknowingly). We become cold-hearted, misery sets in, evil thoughts enter our minds, harsh words form, we lose trust, and we become less forgiving.

The internal self-blame and conviction of allowing someone to mistreat you lead you to feelings of guilt, shame, disappointment, and not deserving love. Too many people walk around feeling that they are not good enough, disappointed in who they are because of the belief in others' words and expectations of who they are, causing them to feel inadequate.

Could you imagine if our parents, guardians, coaches, mentors, or leaders responded to our misbehavior by withdrawing their love and support from us when we acted less than perfect or didn't conform to their level of expectation? We must all consider that just like that last drop of coffee, food, or drink; there is always something good left. It's time for you to learn how to engage yourself by choosing where to invest in your resources that will allow you to use your gifts wisely.

What skills or talents have you stored up on the shelf that will bring new light to you? What is in your past that is holding you back from your destiny? Continue to remind yourself that your past doesn't represent your future. Your past has prepared you for what's next.

There is a time and a purpose to everything under the sun. Stop believing what others have said and create a new narrative about yourself. We all have gifts and talents, and it's up to you to discover, utilize, and embrace what is inside of you. Start by writing what you know to be true about you that makes you unique, memorable, and one of a kind; this is when you will experience true joy! #SPEAK2MYHEART

Others can inspire you, but recognizing what lies within you and learning to utilize those skills better will ultimately empower you.

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