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The word sacred is usually associated with a religious ceremony.  When defined as an adjective it is used to describe a person or thing worthy of worship.  If you looked up synonyms for this word, you will find words such as holy, hallowed, blessed, consecrated, dedicated, and revered. 

If someone mentioned your name, would anyone describe you in this manner?  Why or why not?  Is it the way you dress, your vocabulary, your way of thinking, or maybe your attitude in general?  Now, if you would describe yourself, would you describe yourself as sacred? Why or why not?

When objects or people are deemed sacred, it usually means they are regarded with respect and honor, and then set apart.  How many of you remember plastic on the furniture, the special silverware in the china cabinet, or the formal living or dining room that was only glanced at and never entered unless it was for a special occasion?  And now in more relevant times, how many of you allow people to eat in your new car or sit in the living room to eat on your brand new couch?  All of these things are material items that can and will be soiled, torn, ripped and replaced but yet when it comes to our own bodies we don't hold our own selves to this same standard? 

I for one have been told that I am obese by medical staff when I have gone in for visits, I have been known to wear some wrinkled clothes to go to the store, and have skipped applying lotion to my dry legs, and as minor as these things are, they are all small detailed aspects of our lives that we might overlook. Yes, these are all small things, but in reality, how do we expect anyone to respect us if we don't respect ourselves? 

There are a lot of things in this world that we have no control over, however, our body, mouth, emotions and attitude are the things we can control.  They say that the first impression is a lasting impression so why not put our best out there every time.  Representing yourself in a respectful manner will cause anyone that comes into your presence, to do the same. 

There has not and will not be another you, and so, that makes you sacred.  So treat yourself better by getting away from the television and computer screens and start exercising your muscles, engaging your mind by reading literature, take the time to get to know others by engaging in stimulating conversations, and find peace and fulfillment in a spiritual way.  Stop making excuses such as "excuse all the trash in my car”, or "I look good the way I am", we all want to change one or two things about ourselves and the only way to do by doing it.  You are sacred because you are irreplaceable and worthy of respect.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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