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The Unbridled Need For Acceptance


We all yearn for the attention of others in sort of shape, form, or fashion. Look at the crazy challenges that have exploded on social media. Not only have viral videos gotten the attention of others, but there were 44.2 million people who used dating websites in 2020, according to Statista, a statistics website. We have also searched for attention through groups, organizations, churches, gangs, fraternities, sororities, clubs, institutions, and professional organizations.

We all need people, hence why we join or affiliate with others, that are like-minded and share a common ideology, cultural imitative, or social standing. I think it's worthwhile to join others that share our same passions and views. They can provide support, mentorship, leadership, wisdom, and encouragement, but they can also cause division, strife, hate, and discontent against others that are against your beliefs.

I would encourage all to think about any group that you join. Do a personal cost-benefit analysis to determine what's to be gained compared to what you are willing to invest, including time, money, and stereotypes. You must be willing to accept their reputation as your own as you could be held accountable by rules and regulations that you swear or give signatory consent to, leaving you the obligation to agree even if you disagree.

Sometimes it's hard to stand alone against popular opinion. As pressure builds up or loneliness sets in, some of us tend to compromise our values and morals, making us lose our direction. We then turn into the needle in a compass when it gets too close to a magnet. We become drawn to the direction of the magnetic field or the opposite way in which we need to go. I'm not saying that every group, club, association, or organization operates in this manner but not paying attention to what is all involved in the herd can lead you to destruction or devastation. Following blindly or seeking attention and approval may get you into trouble if you listen more to them than your common sense.

So I challenge each of you to think for yourself and don't let the lure of gaining others' attention take over portions or all areas of your life, as they may or may not have your well-being at the forefront. Ask yourself, "is the admiration or the prestige of belonging worth the price?" Sometimes you will have to stand alone and be persistent in your goals without the aid of your cheerleader squad to boost you on. Acknowledging when you are wrong and understanding that you have to do better when you know better is a sign of growth. As you grow and become wiser, your needs and viewpoints will change.

Consider where you look to gain your attention, as this will reveal more about what is important to you. Keep your eyes, heart, and mind focused on the goals you have set for yourself and be humble, open-minded, and willing to admit when you are wrong, and instead of standing out or being alone, you become sought after instead of the seeker. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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