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About Me


About Me


I’m Ma’ranthony Hubbard, the founder of Speak 2 My Heart Life Coaching, specializing in helping adolescents and adults set and achieve their personal and professional goals.  I am here to offer quality life coaching by using direct, honest communication and feedback to assist you in making yourself a better you.

I am a retired Navy Chief after 24 years of honorable service.  I have had the honor to befriend many people from different races, genders, ages, and sexual preferences through this time.  I served as a Navy Counselor for 12 years, mentoring, guiding, and leading some of the best Sailors in the world.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight on how to help people that are looking to help themselves.  Yes, I said it; this is a team effort.

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Along with my Navy Counselor coaching and mentoring experience, I have a certification from the Department of Labor as a Life Coach and Counselor (Professional & Kindred).  I am a Certified Professional Coach through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches.  I also have a Bachelor's Degree from Southern New Hampshire University in Human Services with a minor in Child and Family Services.  Currently, I am working part-time as a Department of Labor Veterans' Employment and Training Service Facilitator.


During my off time, I enjoy my family and my friends Crown Royal (boxer) and Linda, aka Biggs (English Bulldog), and my fish.

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