About Me

About Me


I’m Ma’ranthony Hubbard, the founder of Speak 2 My Heart Life Coaching, specializing in helping adolescents and adults set and achieve their personal and professional goals.  I am here to offer quality life coaching by using direct, honest communication and feedback to assist you in making yourself a better you.

I am a retired Navy Chief after 24 years of honorable service.  Through this time, I have had the honor to befriend a lot of people from different races, genders, ages, and sexual preferences.  I served as a Navy Counselor for 12 years mentoring, guiding, and leading some of the best Sailors in the world.  Through this experience, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight on how to help people that are looking to help themselves.  Yes, I said it, this is a team effort.


Along with my Navy Counselor experience of coaching and mentoring, I have a certification as a Life Coach and Counselor (Professional & Kindred).  I also have a Bachelor's Degree from Southern New Hampshire University in Human Services with a minor in Child and Family Services.  I am currently working as a Work and Family Life Consultant.


During my off time, I like to enjoy my family along with my friends Crown Royal (boxer) and Linda aka Biggs (English Bulldog) and my fish.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a person that helps clients overcome barriers that have hindered them from accomplishing their goals while allowing them to enhance their own abilities in decision making.

What’s the difference between coaching and counseling?

Coaching deals with your present self to help you overcome a skill barrier allowing you to achieve something in the future (goals). Counseling deals with your past allowing you to deal with possible physiological or physical barriers that might have hindered your own self growth.

What happens during a session?

Sessions are usually 45 to 60 minutes long. It is a conversation that is focused on helping the client move forward relative to their goals, hopes and curiosites.

What should I expect out of you as my coach?

Every session and every person is not the same. So it is my goal to find out what motivates you to allow you to achieve your goals. I will challenge you to work pass mediocrity by providing motivating messages that will allow you to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Plan and simple, I will be your driving force to performance development! RESULTS AND NOT EXCUSES!

Would I be a good client?

If you are eager to succeed, open to support, interested in trying different approaches, then yes you are.

What happens if I get the free client discovery session?

Nothing. If you find my services compatible to your goals, then you sign up. I will not pressure you to continue. If working tougher feels like the right choice for you, then we will proceed.

Why should I pay for a Life Coach when I can speak to my friends or family?

I would highly encourage you to seek free advice and recommendations from someone that you trust such as a friend, family member, clergy. In my experience though, we pay for things we need or want that we feel that will enhance our lives. Using my services, I guarantee firm, fairness, privacy, commitment, honesty, and consistency. Please do not let payment be the stop to your new beginnings.

What makes you different from the rest?

Just as my tagline suggests, I am anchored in real life. That does not mean that I have experienced every situation that my clients have, but through various experiences with different individuals, one thing rings true. We all get stuck somewhere in our lives and continually look for an answer or recommendation that allows us to see things clearer. I have been blessed to be able to see things from different angles that have allowed me to be that person to assist in people achieving what they sought after.

Why did you choose Speak 2 My Heart Life Coaching for your business name?

Most of us were born with the five human basic senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Each one of those senses send information to the brian to help us understand and perceive the world around us. In some cases, some people are born without all five senses and others might lose their senses throughout their lives. But it has been said that once one sense has been taken away, the others are heightened. Humans have two ears that funnel information through them and this is what makes us all take information in. But oftentimes although we might hear something doesn’t always mean we are listening. Once something is placed on your heart to do something, it usually invokes an immediate response or encourages you to do something that you might not normally do. Are your ears prepared and ready to hear the recommendations and advice that will resonate with your heart to empower you to be the best version of yourself?