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Are You Self Sabotaging Your Finances?


My mother and I had a conversation a few days ago about finances. We were discussing that when we look back at how much money we have spent over our lifetime, we should be ashamed of ourselves to think about what we have now. It's nothing against our possessions that we have now, nor downplaying any of the decisions that we made in the past about our purchases. Just to sit and think how much money we have had pass through our hands and be in the position we are now, is amazing. Some things were necessities while the majority of them were just nice to have but as you reminisce on your previous and present things, ask yourself were they really needed or why were you so moved to purchase those particular items. We all have reasons for our purchases. Maybe you just had to have the newest thing out, or someone told you that this deal wouldn't last long so get it now, or possibly, it was discounted and you thought it was a great deal, and the worst reason, peer pressure.

I will offer this as a reason for you to ponder on for just a second. Maybe you are self sabotaging yourself and you didn't even know it by being surrounded by people who are enabling your poverty by their mentality and now you have been contaminated with their mentality. Although you see and want to change, you remain doing the same thing such as going out to eat constantly, getting your nails and hair done, buying things that have no real value on credit which is only leading you to larger debt and maxed out credit cards.

The old saying "more money, more problems" is true because although you would hope that with the new money it will bring a new you, the truth is, it only enhances the person that you are now. In the majority of cases, it is not about needing more money but needing more direction. The only thing money does, is provide more options and opportunities to do the same things you are currently doing now.

In order to get out of this mentality, you must live in this moment, but think in the next one. I once posted an illustration that describes the two different mindsets. One being a growth mindset in which the person is looking for challenges to help them grow and they can learn to do anything that they want. They feel as if feedback is constructive and is inspired by others' success. Two being the fixed mindset person who gives up when frustrated and sticks to what they know. When you look at the different mindsets, you might gather that the forward thinking people have that growth mindset because they are thinking in terms of their next few moves while the fixed mindset person is living in the moment and forfeit anything in the future that could possibly be waiting for them.

If you are in a fixed mindset right now about your finances, how can you change and have a growth mindset? I have stated it before, it's never about the situation that has the change, it is about you changing, which will change the situation. I will leave you with these parting words, money is called currency for a reason and that reason is because it flows. New levels bring new devils, and the only way to keep them at bay is by setting realistic goals, acting upon them, and staying committed until fruition. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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