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Let's ponder on the word determination. It has similar meanings such as intentness, perseverance, strong-mindedness, inflexibility, steadfastness, and my favorite the bulldog spirit. As an owner of an English Bulldog, I know that stubborn and determined characteristic that is often displayed when she has her mind set on something even when told "no".

The definition of determination is firmness of purpose, resoluteness or the process of establishing something exactly by calculation or research.

This is a strong word when we look at living out our dreams and pursuing our passions. But what happens when something goes wrong, or when you receive that upsetting news, or your plans are abruptly changed? Does your attitude change? Do you become worried, depressed, and/or angry? Does that uneasy feeling creep inside of you and make you doubt yourself or the plans you made? Where does that power go to push through that situation? These are the moments when you feel as if the world is on your shoulders and everything you touch will fail.

Instead of letting these feelings arise, choose to take those thoughts captive and put the bad news in perspective. More often than not, the situation that you are faced with is a lot less severe than the perceived scenario that you might have conjured in your head and it's usually the timing of an event that makes the situation seem so inconvenient.

Understanding that you are not in control of everything is one of the greatest gifts we all have. Thinking clearly, remaining persistent and having that bulldog spirit will allow you to be more creative and think differently, leading to your success and the peace that comes with it! #SPEAK2MYHEART

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