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We as a people, have always had a tendency to make relationships more complicated than they should be. The lack of communication and understanding the desires and needs of another person could be detrimental for any relationship.

Do you remember when you had the most satisfaction in your work? Do you recall what it felt like to possess victory even after tremendous adversity? I bet you got a sense of real satisfaction after you brought your best to the table. Sometimes bringing your best to the table just isn't good enough when your supervisor, partner, or friend is expecting something else. Understanding expectations is a two way communication that must happen in order for both parties to be satisfied.

Did you know that failed relationships happen because of either, trust issues, a difference in priorities, compatibility issues, or communication issues? All of these reasons can be easily solved when expectations are revealed beforehand.

In athletics, a coach will tell their team to "leave it all on the field” or “give it all that you‘ve got," with the knowledge that they have prepared their team for that very moment.

When you are being interviewed for a job, you can expect that employers will ask questions such as "why should they hire you, do you know anything about the company, what skills do you have that will allow their business to grow, or what were your performance expectations at your previous job and how did you meet or exceed those expectations? These are all valid questions that they ask to see what type of employee you were and to see how valuable you might be to their own team. What is equally important is your follow up question to them like "what do you expect from me or will the expectations of me or this job change over time?"

Asking questions that concern finances, children, priorities, living situations, sex, or religion will allow a couple to have a deeper understanding of each other and provide answers to what each of them want and expect out of the relationship. So prior to calling the divorce attorney, turning in your resignation, or willingly providing information that you were sworn to secrecy by your best friend while you are in your fit of rage or anger, engage that person and see what their expectations of you are and let them know what you expect out of them.

Having clear expectations will help you avoid anger, stress, anxiety, and will allow you to have a genuine relationship and a pleasing and fulfilling life. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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