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Foreign Matter

If I asked you, "what did you do to take care of yourself today?" Would your answer state something that would increase or decrease the productivity of your temple? When we consider our bodies, we should have an image of a temple, no matter the size, weight, or structure. Merriam-Webster defines a temple as being a place devoted to a particular purpose. As the king or queen of your body, are you ruling it like a kingdom that has prestige and has a god or goddess-like image? We can't pick our eye color, gender, nose position or length, dimples, freckles, height, or hair color. Still, we can protect what we have been provided by controlling the elements we introduce internally and externally to our unique and complex system. Have you ever considered how complex our bodies are? Unless you have an immune disorder, your body automatically recognizes and neutralizes harmful substances and fights disease-causing changes in the body. Our digestive system breaks down food and liquids to get the necessary nutrients that allow our bodies to have energy and grow and repair cells. We have blood flowing through our bodies as we continuously breathe air without any machines or even remembering to do so. Our nervous system carries messages that control the sensory, communication, motor, and integrative functions throughout our bodies. Amazingly, all of the things mentioned earlier happen while you sleep or are awake. In the Bible, Exodus Chapter 3, Moses experiences a burning bush that is not burning up. If anyone of us saw this, we would be as perplexed and amazed as he was. Upon realizing that the bush was not changing, he approached the bush, and this is when God spoke to him and told him to remove his shoes because the ground he stood on was holy. Why did I include this, or what does this have to do with this post? I'm glad you asked. Moses had to remove his shoes because he was on holy ground. You should remove or not introduce anything foreign, unwholesome, contaminated, corrupt, or dirty to your body. Think about some of the things we do and how our bodies react. When we overindulge in alcohol, drugs, or food, we become ill, and our bodies try to expel the vile. If you get a cut, endorphins are released to help with the pain and blood vessels contract, and platelets release fibrin proteins that tangle together to form a clot to seal the wound. Your temple continues to fight for you but are you fighting for the temple? Look at what you are allowing to enter your body. I won't list anything because of the varying viewpoints on what's good or bad for you, so, I will leave you with this…

The next time you look, hear, feel, or digest something, as the king or queen of your temple, ask yourself, "Am I increasing or decreasing the productivity of my temple? #SPEAK2MYHEART

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