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How Will Your Legacy Be Remembered?

Greetings! We had two major holidays celebrating independence within the past few weeks with Juneteenth and the Fourth of July. While these two days are very important in our history, I want you to reflect on your own history by thinking about your legacy. How can you leave a positive legacy? Legacy is an inheritance that has been handed down by bequeathing wealth, property, knowledge and for some, debt, after one has passed. It is in my humble opinion that the greatest legacies we can leave behind are our emotional, spiritual, and moral values of our character.

Not everyone has the means of leaving monetary gifts to family, friends, or institutions but we can leave our kindness, honesty and decency. We all know families, cultures, and ethnicities, that have received negative legacy characteristics and behaviors like dishonesty, lack of a strong work ethic, or poor relationship choices. While we believe or hear that an individual can overcome any disadvantage by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, it isn't always the case because of what they have been taught. The legacy we receive can be either a blessing or a curse on our lives.

So make a conscious decision today to model your words, actions, and life to leave a positive legacy to your family, friends, and associates, so when your name is mentioned, the stories about you will be of your strong character, humbleness, wisdom, courage and lastly, "love for all". #SPEAK2MYHEART

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