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I Love You!

I'm not sure if you are old enough to remember the song Betty Wright sang "Tonight is the Night", and she asked everyone in the live audience to think about their very first time.  Well I am not going to go there, but I will ask you to think about when you started dating the love of your life and how you felt when they were near you or how your stomach turned upside down when they spoke to you.  Depending on what your current age, you remember staying on the phone after curfew whispering sweet nothings until your parents picked up the other line or burst your door down screaming, or the inevitable, falling asleep holding the receiver because neither one of you wanted to hang up.  All of the desires, dreams, and butterflies soared all around that “young puppy love” and all of this was before you even knew the person's last name.  Now think about the very first time you whispered or uttered the words "I Love You" to that special someone.  Do you know how vulnerable you were in that very moment announcing the secrets of your heart that you had been guarding?  The only thing that you had was the hope that they had the same feeling and your words would be accepted and reciprocated.  Everyone's desire is to be passionately loved, adorned, respected, and cherished.  I believe the artist Kem said it best in his song "Tonight",  "Every life needs another life, and every heart another..."

But have you ever thought what love means?  It could be described as doing everything for someone else's benefit.  It means making every decision with the other person's well-being in mind.  Whether in marriage, in other family relationships, or among friends, the principle is the same.  Love seeks to strengthen and benefit others.  Pure love provokes gratitude and gratitude glorifies the one who loves.  Investing your time and attention to your relationship will show that you are interested in them and involved in seeing them succeed.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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