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You can define ingratitude as being ungrateful, unthankful or not feeling bound to show gratitude.   We have all known, been around, or associated with people that don't give any appreciation or thanks to anything that has been done for or given to them by you or anyone else.  Think about that time you bought a Christmas gift for your child and as they opened the present, they looked at you and said it was the wrong item or they didn't receive something that they asked for and they were upset for the rest of the day?   Maybe it could have been the person that you held the door open for at the grocery store because they had kids in tow with a cart full of groceries and they didn't say anything to you and almost pushed their cart into you.  How about when you let someone get in front of you while you were driving because they didn't have the foresight to merge when they were supposed to or possibly the night you stayed up past your bedtime listening to a persons issue that you know will still be an issue because the person will not change the situation that they are in.

How did these experiences of ingratitude hurt you?  Did your expectations alter your attitude with the next time a similar situation arose?  Well in each one of those cases above, it infuriates me to no end.  But, I remind myself quickly that we were not all raised the same way to say thank you, excuse me or any other common respectful gesture.  It is up to us not to say "well if that's the way it's going to be ... forget them!".   It's so easy to give up on people and our society today but what do we accomplish if everyone has that same attitude?    So rather than focusing on how others should receive our kind acts, which will lead you to have a sour attitude, focus on loving others despite their ingratitude, by extending grace and kindness even if they don't deserve it.  And yes that does mean continuing to have patience and not kill them.  #SPEAK2MYHEART  

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