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Living Single!

How many single people do you know that want to be in a relationship and how many people in a relationship, want to be single? If you ask a single person why they want to be in a relationship, you might receive a response such as companionship, romance, better tax benefits, start a family, better mental health (if you are in a stable relationship), and you don't have to get the question, "why are you still single?"

Our world celebrates marriage and children and sometimes single people feel as if they are singled out or despised.  Think about when you go to a restaurant and you tell the host that you only need a table for one and as people walk in they give you that awkward stare.  What about when you go to an amusement park and you see that single rider and now you have to wait with your companion for the next time. 

Now let's look at the advantages of being single.  Let's start with the most obvious, you don't have to check in with anyone, you can flirt with anyone you want to, you don't have to worry if you are with the right person, no lies or excuses on why something didn't get done, there are no worries of divorce and giving up half of your paycheck or paying alimony, you know how your house will look when you return, and the best reason of all, you get to know yourself and your habits. 

Sometimes we think we know what we want in life but focusing on what we lack can cause us to lower our standards when searching for a soul mate, our expectations of a partner get lower as we get older, and worst of all, we might get that one person who doesn't value our worth as a partner. 

I want you to ponder this while you are searching for that special person.  Which option would you prefer, to be single and go to bed lonely and wake up lonely, or be in a relationship and go to bed with someone beside you and still be lonely?  I am not making a case for people to stay single but I will encourage all the singles to use this time wisely and not rush into a relationship just to be in one.  Take the time to understand who you are by knowing your self-worth and ensuring you are ready for the ups and downs of a relationship.  Accepting the fact that you are, and understanding of your own contributions to how and why you are single, you begin to make room for self-acceptance as a single person, which in turn can potentially create a new relationship possibility.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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