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Seed Sower!

Parents, have you ever considered yourself a farmer as it relates to raising your child(ren)? Trees and plants that are near water sources look green with a lot of growth but once that water starts to run dry or the water source is not readily available, the vegetation dries up. It is our duty as parents to be the life source for our kids when they are young so that they will learn how to sustain themselves when they are older.

In the Bible, Matthew 13, Jesus uses the parable of a farmer who went to sow his seed. While planting his seed, it fell on three types of land which were rocky, thorny, and fertile. The seeds that fell upon the rocky land grew and sprouted quickly because of the shallow soil, but was scorched by the sun because there were no roots. The seeds that fell in the thorns couldn't bloom due to being choked out by the weeds. Lastly the seeds that fell on fertile ground survived and flourished but it was met with weeds.

The servant asked if he should pull the weeds to save the harvest and the farmer answered him by saying "no". He told the servant that he wanted both the seeds and the weeds to grow together because if he attempted to separate the weeds from the upcoming seeds, then he could possibly remove the roots and they would perish. He then proceeded to tell the servant that once the seeds have matured and the weeds have grown around them, then separate them by bundling the wheat and burning the weeds.

So I pose this question to all of the parents. Were the seeds you provided to your children, words that have prepared them for adversity so that they will not be scorched by the sun or blown away due to not having solid roots? Have you taught them to navigate their way through the thorns or naysayers so that they will not be caught up in the mix and have them living in a manner that is totally against how they were raised or, are they firmly rooted, grounded and secure in their actions so when they fall down they are able to rise back up?

I pray for all of the parents that continue to be present in their children's lives no matter their age or whatever circumstances their child might be in or going through. I pray that as a parent or a guardian that you find the will, the knowledge, and the compassion to break down barriers that have been placed between you and your child(ren) so that they will be able to receive the knowledge that has been pressed down and shaken together to allow them the opportunity to not only blossom but share with others.

Ensure you instill values, morals, faith, courage, happiness, motivation, respect, and most of all love in your children so that when they are tested, their roots are strong enough to rise above the adversity in which they will face.

For the ones who are without children, please take this same lesson onboard as you lead, guide, and mentor the ones that you may come into contact with. #SPEAK2MYHEART

P.S. I will be the first to admit that I am still working and learning on how to do this, so please don't think I am perfect by any means. In fact, I don't want my children to be like me, I want them to respect and be better than me

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