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Sexual Intimacy

How many of you have heard the old saying "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus?"  John Gray, an American author and relationship counselor wrote a book entitled this very subject.  The point of the book was to show that men and women, although they speak the same language, express themselves completely different but not in all cases.  The association comes from the mythological Mars, who was a Roman god of war, meaning that men are more fierce and aggressive and focus more on their work and achievements.  Venus was the Roman goddess of love, meaning women are more calm and subtle and they concentrate on quality relationships more so then on goals.  To break it down even further, it is described as men must feel appreciated and women must feel loved.

Well after watching the women fight on UFC, I don't know how true and accurate those statements are but I will say that there are differences when it comes to sexual intimacy.  Men focus on the physical aspects such as touching, feeling and seeing to have a climatic experience while women would value the emotional aspect such as feeling loved, cared for, appreciated, and treated tenderly to get her to that special point.  By knowing this simple equation, you would think that the two worlds of Mars and Venus when combined would equal Earth, or the fulfillment of each other's sexual needs would be met.  Well, according to a survey done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information,  the number two reason for divorce was infidelity or extramarital affairs and it was also noted in an article from the Bright Side, women are deciding to divorce more often than men.

I am quite sure you are wondering why I brought this topic up? The reason why couples are divorcing in high numbers concerning this topic is the lack of communication which led to the misunderstanding between them. I realize that there are more issues other than communication that exist between couples that have might have eroded the sexual intimacy between them but it is also of high concern that the lack of commitment is the number one reason couples site as the reason for a divorce. There are benefits associated with a couple having sex such as burning calories, strengthening your immune system, cardiovascular benefits and it elevates your mood.  With all of those benefits, I must still point out that sexual intimacy requires understanding and selflessness between both parties.  In order for the sexual relationship to work, the couple must first think of the other and how best to make the experience a joy for them.  Can men and women go without sex and live normal everyday lives, of course they can.  But if you are in a relationship and you are having sex regularly, the emotional attachments such as love, commitment, and gratitude will be expressed more.  To maintain a level of intimacy in a relationship both people must have a mutual satisfaction of each other to succeed physically, mentally, and emotionally enjoying one another and not just going through the motions of having sex. #SPEAK2MYHEART 

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