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What is that smell?

Can you identify something that is dead or rotten?  If so, what are the signs that you look for?  Is it cracks or holes that may appear in wood or a musty smell that is coming from your sewage or trash?  Is it the bruises, blemishes, discoloration, mold and slimy patches or an unpleasant odor or taste that you received after getting something out of your fridge?  Maybe it could be something in nature such as rotten egg smell in the yard with hissing or blowing sounds coming from beneath the earth.  Not paying attention or ignoring the signs of something that is not right can create enormous destruction, hurt and possibly death. 

People get so comfortable in their "entanglements" that they don't realize or choose to ignore the signs that something is not right in their lives.  Here are some signs couples should recognize, and not ignore:

yelling and name calling violent disagreements feeling misunderstood most of the time rarely or never having sex, you rarely kiss, touch, or smile at each other constant electronic device use repetitive conflicts with no resolution rarely engaging in meaningful conversation desire to escape isolation passive aggressive behavior

looking to others for support criticism of your weight, thoughts, or projects feeling lonely when you are together

Ignoring these and other signs of relationship discord can not only bring issues, but ultimately a demise in the relationship.  Other signs that should be considered are over eating, underrating, irritability, indecisiveness, drug or alcohol abuse, anxiety, or fatigue.  It is easy to dismiss these signs when we use the "L" word (LOVE), but not understanding the tension and stress that has been built upon yourself and without not seeking the help you need will only cause an implosion in you. If these are issues that you are facing and you sense something is not right, be courageous and ask for assistance.  Seeking out counsel and wisdom will allow you to draw your heart and head to the problems that you are facing.  #SPEAK2MYHEART 

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