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What would you do?

In 1922, the Klondike bar was first introduced in five ice cream flavors.  In 2009, the Klondike company launched a commercial that asked "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?"  I attached a YouTube clip at the bottom of this post to show what some people would do for one, which is square ice cream coated with a thin layer of chocolate.

So now I ask you, what would you do out of desperation?  Desperation is defined as a loss of hope, or a great need that can make you act irrationally.  When a person feels desperate, they might lie, steal, cheat or sabotage to find their way.  Desperation happens when you want to reach a goal, or prevent something really bad from happening and then you realize that it might be impossible for that action or plan to succeed.

It is Monday morning and you have waited patiently for 3 months for a job interview.  This job will pay over $100K, has the schedule that you have dreamed of and prayed about, the proximity to your home and childcare is less than 6 miles apart, and upon first applying for the job, you notice how the employees were respectful, genuine, and the climate of the office was very positive.  The Human Resource office has already informed you upon setting up your interview that they have narrowed it down to you and one other candidate and if you will not be able to conduct the interview on the selected date and time they have provided, then they will have to choose the other person. 

You don't have any family or friends that will be able to care for your sick child and there are no other childcare facilities that are allowing any outside children in their center.  You know that if you provide your child with Motrin and Tylenol then you can cut the fever and then proceed to take your child to the center and go to your interview.  Upon the conclusion of the interview you can pick your child up and care for them.  If the center finds out that your child was sick and you purposely brought your sick child to the center, then your child will be immediately removed. 

People who are in desperate situations are often willing and able to do things they would otherwise not consider, such as breaking the law, begging for help, or stepping outside of their character to achieve a goal.  This behavior can seem irrational to some but to that person, the act of desperation can function as a relief from future guilt because they have a feeling that they have tried everything. 

Instead of the phase "do desperate times really call for desperate measures?" it should read "desperation breeds disobedience."  Before you get to this point, realize and recognize the signs and become proactive rather than reactive.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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