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Will you be the one?

I will go out on a limb and say that everyone in this world has good in them and that life, and circumstances, will make anyone act and feel a certain way. In our lifetime, we will all grieve over the loss of a love one, have the joy of welcoming a child into the world, either your own or that of a relative or close friend, and most likely we will all experience sadness, hurt, and pain.

Knowing how we feel in these certain situations, usually determine how we react to others in a similar situation. There are three emotions that we all have as bystanders when we see others go through different situations.  We can either show empathy, sympathy, or compassion. 

Empathy is feeling what another person is feeling, while sympathy is understanding what the other person is feeling even without feeling it yourself, and compassion is that feeling you have when you are led to take action to relieve the suffering of another person. Our character, passion, and sensitivity to others' needs will dictate which emotion will guide us to either assist or walk away from a person.  Most people are sensitive to some needs more than others, but if you are like most people, your experiences have helped you notice the struggles other people face which have led you to become more passionate to them. 

Noticing that need usually stirs your heart to act on it, either in small gestures or momentous actions.  Take the time to hear that audible and sometimes inaudible cry for help that might be surrounding you. There are so many people that ask for help in their time of need with high hopes of getting the attention they are seeking with the low expectation that their needs will be met.  Just by taking that step to meet someone's need in their time of despair, could be what they need to begin their walk in the right direction.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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