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A Gap


If I told you that you need a gap in your life or your relationship to be successful, would you agree with me? Pause before you answer that and follow me.

As the holidays rapidly approach, some will have feelings of great joy while others not so much. Many of us will welcome the joyous laughter, the great food (hopefully), and the company of our friends and family, while others will sit and mourn the fact that a loved one is not here anymore.

Amid all the different emotions, craziness, arguments, and calamity that will ensue, the majority of us will overindulge in food and beverages to the point in which we question our wardrobe choices. "Why did I put these pants on with this belt?" "Why didn't I put those joggers/stretchy pants on?" Just as those questions arise, the next thing you hear is, "did you leave room for dessert?"

My granny always told me, "don't let your eyes get bigger than your stomach." I, along with so many others, sometimes took her advice, but at other times I became a glutton for punishment and would affix my lips to partake in a sweet treat which would lead me to have to take a nap or excuse myself to locate the bathroom.

Some of our lives are just like our stomachs on holidays, our schedules are so full that we either miss out because we are so tired, or too preoccupied with dealing with waste.

How many times have you missed an event for your child because you were "busy"? How many people are so tired that even when you are fully rested, you are still mentally drained? Due to your hectic schedule, how much weight have you gained because you can't work out? Are your relationships suffering because you aren't around and can't maintain them?

A gap is necessary to break up the mundane, humdrum routine that we easily fall into called life. The definition of a gap is to break or put a hole in an object or between two objects. Another definition is an unfilled space or interval or a break in continuity. Gaps allow rest for a weary soul, a pause on life to reflect, and a moment to get yourself together. Gaps can be inserted into your everyday routine by planning, goal setting, removing dead weight to include tasks and people.

We are living in a time that instant gratification has people saying, "like me," "look at me," "one-upper" world that we often lose ourselves.

The need for drugs, alcohol, perversion, sex, food, vanity, and to become rich quickly becomes the norm, and when these things aren't obtained, it leads to stress, anxiety, and depression.

You must understand that you must cast off the old and adhere to the new. To see your value, you have to embrace self-care and nurture your well-being by taking the time out for yourself and filling your gaps with something that will allow you to see your reason for being, or better yet, your purpose in life.

The only way to experience a new taste, you must learn to release the old haste.

So the question remains, "If I told you that you need a gap in your life or your relationship to be successful, would you agree with me?" #SPEAK2MYHEART

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