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A New Song!


I am not sure about you, but when I get up in the morning, I like to know what has happened when I rested my eyes for the night or what is happening in areas outside of my viewing area.

So first, I turn on the news and then I go to social media. I know many of you don't watch the news, possibly because it has been stated that one news outlet is biased to one political party or the incomplete stories that are sometimes provided. The main reason one would state that they don't watch the news is because of the negative things that are happening in the world.

I did a search on 2020 news headlines and here is what I found; wildfires, impeachment, mass shootings, pandemic, conspiracy theories, sports postponements, UFO's, murder hornets, police involved murders, first human spaceflight by Space X, Black Lives Matter movements and protests against them, DACA, racial injustice, statues being removed, sex abuse, sex trafficking, explosions, nomination of Supreme Court amidst Ruth Bader Ginsburg death, election day crowds, the naming of a new President, record breaking 30 named storms in the Atlantic Ocean, how a incumbent president won't concede the race, the record number of deaths associated with COVID-19, whose fault it is, what one group of people will and won't do, why believing or not believing the virus is real, who is and who is not racist, and I will stop there.

Smokie Norful sang his song in 2002 "Same Old Sad Song." The lyrics went, "You know I was looking at the condition of the world the other day. It seems there's too much killing, too much dying, too much pain, I don't know about you but I'm tired, tired of the same old sad song..." Every time we look at the news or social media, this is what we see.

So, how do we get to sing a new song and experience peace, humanity, humility, love, joy and respect for each other? Is this even possible? Bible believers would say that a life such as this will be in heaven but why wait to experience a life and world such as that when we can make it happen now. This would mean that the qualities of stubbornness, arrogance, and not listening would have to flee from our personalities as this is the reason why we don't watch the news or delete our social media accounts.

If you are one that continues to push an agenda that will continually divide people, what makes you any different than the news outlets you complain about? I challenge you to ask yourself these two questions before you speak, type or write.

1. Will I be further dividing people or uplifting them with the words that I speak or write?

2. Are my actions and character a parallel of the pain, misery and strife that we moan and groan about daily or am I seen as giving hope, peace and prosperity?

In a time with so much violence, animosity, hypocrisy, and hate, use your words and your actions to make a positive difference so that we all can sing a new song. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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