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History is filled with many examples of failed alliances.  Alliances can include businesses, relationships and friendships. I'm not sure if you remember when Apple and IBM became partners to work on a computer operating system called Taligent to rival Microsoft Windows or the AOL and Time Warner merger, and let's not leave out Staples and Office Depot.  I can continue but why belabor the point, it's not worth mentioning nor is it my place to talk about others failed friendships, marriages, or relationships that have happened due to us all having our own lives that we can use as examples.

Now since you are thinking about your past failed alliances, why did they fail?  Was it because of greed, needs, selfishness, stupidity, or just not equally yoked or meant to be together?  How often do you dwell on those relationships and when you do dwell on them, is there a pattern that emerges from each of them?  Who is usually at fault?  Are you the one that continually blames the other person without taking any responsibility?

An unconventional way of learning and growing has always been to forgive others for their actions, it takes a lot to do, especially with more sensitive topics.  Depending on your current relationship, I challenge you to write down what you think went wrong during that relationship and then have an open discussion with that person.  The toughest part of the conversation will be to listen without reacting.  I can hear you now, "well, why would I care what they think” or “we are not getting back together, so I don't care what they have to say” or “I can care less."  This will allow you to know if there is a pattern of the company you keep, it can also help you establish some positive and negative traits others see in you, and ultimately, it will allow you to have more positive and healthy future relationships. 

Life will present you with opportunities to enter into all sorts of alliances or relationships.  It is important that you carefully consider which alliance you form and with whom you form it with, as well as, the pitfalls to avoid to keep the peace.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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