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Are you entertaining a price shopper or value shopper for your attention?

Let's look at the difference.

A price shopper is one that looks at something and compares the price or value of it and then makes a decision to purchase or pursue. The value shopper necessarily isn't concerned about what the price or the value of a particular item is or how long it might be to pursue something they want, they look at the value and worth.

A good illustration would be one of my favorite department stores. This unnamed store continually sends me 30 to 50% off coupons that might exclude certain items, and me being me, I have certain brands that I prefer. I know the value and quality of those designers and if those items were purchased elsewhere, the price would be substantially more, so I would prefer to use my discounts to purchase those items at a moderate price rather than spending the extra money. The value shopper in me leads me to another unnamed store that rarely has new items but the items that they do have might be of some value to me and it's more about the functionality of the product than if it is new or gently used.

When it comes to relationships, these same principles apply. Think about the dating websites and how they are constructed. You are given a list of questions to answer and this becomes your profile, along with your picture. As a price shopper, this is perfect because this allows them to pursue different possibilities based on the answer to the questions that were provided. As they skim through profiles, they are comparing things such as financial gains, attractiveness, living accommodations, business opportunities, intelligence, and likes and dislikes of that person. At this point the price shopper, after doing their comparison, will make a decision maybe after touching and feeling.

The value shopper on the other hand will overlook the majority of the physical and materialistic things and possible additional concerns one might bring with them to a relationship such as kids, financial issues, and looks. They will tend to pursue things such as trust, communication, empathy, and respect because they are looking to see what value that person will bring to their lives. Their search is completed when they find these values because they feel that they have gravitated to the one they have been looking for.

So to my readers out there that might be looking for a mate or just a friend to connect with, which one of these people do you want pursuing you? Once you answer that question, think about how you market yourself. Are you offering the 30-50% off coupon to potential mates or are you showing what you are worth? Now ask yourself, which pursuer are you and how are you going about looking for the mate or friend? #SPEAK2MYHEART

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