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Are You On The Level?


Transformation is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. For us to change anything about ourselves, it must first begin in our thinking. You must use your cognitive skills to learn about yourself, life, love, and relationships.

Your cognitive skills are the core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. To simplify this, properly using your cognitive skills will lead you to identify what's going on, process what's going on, make an informed decision, act if needed, and retain what you have learned.

Children's cognitive skills are assessed through tests to focus on their strengths to devise an effective intervention plan. As we get older, there are additional tests that we can continue to take to test our mental wellbeing to see if we have the ability to handle life and its various stresses and challenges.

In school, teachers would give us lessons and check for comprehension by giving us quizzes and tests, and at the end of the school year, if we successfully passed, we advanced to the next higher grade. To start the school year off, teachers reviewed your previous knowledge before introducing something higher.

Our lives are just like these comprehensive tests to see if we are ready to level up to the next level to include your career, vehicle, home, relationships, or maybe just your way of thinking. I think we will all agree that you can't be a CEO of a company with an entry-level mindset. So I ask you, are you living your life on the right level, or are you still being tested on lower levels?

Although you might be building upon a skill, some things cancel each other out, meaning that you have to advance to the level you are now on. I had this realization last week when I looked up at a 10-foot basketball rim and thought about how I could jump up with ease and grab it in my youth. Upon making my mind up and mustering up the strength, I jumped to grab it, and this is when I realized that if someone would've tried to slide ten sheets of paper under my feet, only three sheets would have made it beneath my feet.

I know some of you still have an image of how you looked "back in the day" until you see yourself in a photo and see reality. So I will offer you this truth serum, stop living your life off of your old truth. The person that you think you are might not be the person that you are now. Stop looking in your rearview mirror trying to plan your future with a past mindset.

The question now is, do you have the cognitive skills to realize your present truth, or are you still walking in a previous version of how you used to see yourself? To change your thinking, you must change your mind with transformational thinking meaning you need a radical shift in your thoughts, perception, and behavior.

Invest in yourself by leveling up and shifting your perspective from what you are doing wrong to what you are doing right and develop those skills to grow into your destiny and purpose. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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