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Authentic vs Transactional Relationships

PREPARE YOUR EYES TO READ AND YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE AS YOU TAKE IN THE WORDS THAT LOOK TO CHANGE LIVES, RENEW HEARTS, AND OPEN MINDS. Relationships within themselves are great to have, and although we might say we are loners or view independence as a strength, this is unfounded truth. You might not want the constant presence or the checking in or out, but having a different perspective or additional wisdom, companionship, and a good laugh are all things we can't replicate by ourselves. Relationships, just like people, are not the same. Each takes the characteristic of self and others to produce happiness or sadness. The two relationships that I will expand my thoughts on today are authentic and transactional. An authentic relationship refers to a relationship where your partner makes you feel worthy, encourages you, and challenges you to grow personally, professionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. They make you feel safe, wanted, energetic, youthful, and don't belittle you because of past or present actions. You relish every second in that person's presence because you feel the weight of life is no longer square on your shoulders. The thought of the unforgettable memories shared gives you a warm and pleasurable feeling of unexplainable joy. You exude confidence and gratitude, knowing someone admires you even though they know your vulnerabilities, slight imperfections, and secrets. A relationship such as this is a rare commodity and should be celebrated and appreciated. Then we look at the transactional relationships that view all of its actions on expectations. Both parties are self-focused, have a give and take mentality, keep tabs on things provided, pass judgment, possibly have a holier than thou attitude or psyche, and never offer anything if there is nothing to gain. If you had to list all your current relationships (work, family, friends, romantic, etc.), which are your most common? It's a rhetorical question as most of our interactions with people are based on transactional relationships. These are not ideal relationships, but you must have them in certain instances. There are a few things you can do if you recognize that you are in a transactional relationship, and they are as follows: share responsibilities, do things together, be collaborators and not competitors, make enjoyable memories together, give compliments without expecting something in return, and don't mention past events or situations. Authentic relationships can happen to anyone and anywhere. The unlikeliest people can develop a bond that surpasses understanding with those not involved. If you are or happen to find such a relationship, cherish the moments, be grateful for the time, and count yourself as blessed. #SPEAK2MYHEART

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God" (Matthew 5:9)

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