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Building upon Rejection!

PREPARE YOUR EARS TO LISTEN AND YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE AS YOU TAKE IN THE WORDS THAT LOOK TO CHANGE LIVES, RENEW HEARTS AND OPEN MINDS. I know some of my readers (if not all) are regarded as the best leaders at their jobs because of their tenacity to motivate, encouragement of teamwork, and ability to network, which has enabled proper communication throughout the team, tasks completed early and done right the first time.

For the others that might not be regarded in such a manner, there are other situations that you may fall into such as being known as the "go to person" and now you feel as if it was time to get that much needed raise to align your pay with the extra responsibilities that may have been pressed upon you. How about when you prepared yourself for a job interview and knew that with your experience, resume, and interviewing skills you would not doubt receive that call back saying that you have been hired? Maybe while looking for "the one", you dressed yourself in your best attire and drowned yourself in your favorite smell good and approached the male or female that you have had your eye on and asked them out on a date. I believe we have all been in one of these situations and they either turned out good with you getting that promotion to move on to the next level, you received the job you were in search of, or the person accepted that date with you.

But what happens to you as it relates to your feelings and emotions when you are overlooked for that promotion or you didn't get that job or you were told no and provided phrases such as "best of luck in your future endeavors, it's not you, it's me, you are overqualified for this position, maybe next time, you have not been selected, I don't think we will be compatible, or your offer was declined for whatever reason.

The majority would say you would be upset, hurt, stressed, pissed, or spiteful but I'm just the opposite. In an effort to be transparent, those few words used before, could be my initial feeling but then I get a sense of joy, motivation, and encouragement. You might think I am being facetious at this point, but I know who I am as a person.

When you are being hated on, talked about, trashed, declined, rejected or you continue to hear the word no or the phrase you are not the right person, people really get into their feelings and begin to shut down or try to retaliate with abusive or harmful words or actions. I do just the opposite. I used those feelings and emotions to rise above the situation and use it as motivation to become something greater not only to them but to myself as well.

To know and understand yourself, you must learn to focus on your strengths balanced against your weaknesses and your triumphs against your tragedies and you have to know who you are versus the persona of who people think you are. How do you do this? Ask questions about why you were told no or rejected, take that information as a learning experience, make a note of the weaknesses or issues, make a plan to correct those issues, and build resilience by seeing the rejection as a challenge to grow your self-understanding and abilities. Not all things that you thought were good for you are and take it as a blessing that you didn't get what you thought you wanted. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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