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Filter Check

I was contacted by my appliance service provider so they could do their bi-annual check up on my heating/cooling system.  As they were going through their check list, he pulled out my air filter and said that one was facing the wrong way but it was also time for it to be replaced.  He gave me the price quote for that filter, which floored me and made me run to my computer to see if I could get the same product at a lesser cost.  But I digress. 

Have you ever considered what the purpose of filters are and why they are so important?  Filters can be found in systems to remove particulates from the air, in components to remove unwanted frequency, in electrical devices to eliminate or minimize electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference, devices to remove contaminants from water, and optical filters are devices placed in the paths of light sources to allow only specific wavelengths to pass or be transmitted.  Although there are many different types of filters, they all serve the same purpose which is to remove unwanted particles from something. 

This leads me to the question of your filter.  How is your filter working or do you even have one?  There are a bunch of memes that state "my brain to mouth filter is out of order" or "where is the filter that goes between my brain and my mouth", but what about the filter that goes between your eyes or ears into your brain?  I am a firm believer that we can control our tongue, it's just a matter of a person actually doing it.  I also think we have the option of what our eyes and ears take into our brains to process as well.  Everything that is on the radio, television and even in conversation is not for everyone to see and hear, but it escapes me when I see smaller people using the same words and acting like someone that is way older than what they are. It makes me wonder if their filter was installed correctly and is it allowing all of the unwanted particles to come in or is the adult just not performing in the manner in which they should. 

If you are a parent, manager, coach, mentor, advisor, or someone in a position of authority, I implore you to be a protector and a buffer to the ones that are in your care.  Imagine the qualities and characteristics of the person that you are protecting.  Help them level up by ensuring they receive positive information whether it is visual, auditory, or otherwise.  Daniel Dowling wrote an article "10 Filters For a Conscious Life" in Life Hack Magazine.  He posed these 10 questions, "does it encourage me to be a better human, would silence be better, is it truthful, is it useful, is it uplifting, is it inspiring, is it challenging, would you want your kids exposed to this, does it promote the dignity and respect of men and women, and is it part of the mission for world peace?"  All great questions to ask yourself. 

Take the time to check your filter to see if it needs to be replaced because it's filled with dirt and grime or pointed in the wrong direction.  Take control of your life and the ones you are responsible for by living a conscious and positive life.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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