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Follow Up Friday

Welcome to Follow Up Friday! Yesterday was Turbulent Thursday and I discussed the word advice. But now I want to focus on the seekers of advice.

Amazingly enough, after I posted yesterday, I came across a TED talk conducted by Dharius Daniels, a senior Pastor of Kingdom Church in New Jersey. He spoke about the 5 types of people that you can't help. I won't steal his thunder, but he mentioned this, "how hard is it for you to be there for someone who is going through something and they are not taking your advice but are reaping the consequences of not submitting to your counsel."

Think about how many times you tried to advise, guide, mentor, coach, or instruct, and the only thing you received was a cold and deaf ear? How did you feel? Did you continue to provide support or did you just walk away? Now, let's flip the script. How many times have you been that person seeking assistance but you were in your winter season?

In order to change our seasons, we must change out attitudes. When you approach someone looking for assistance, and you are in your winter season meaning negative attitude, blaming others, resentment, bitterness, or coldness, you must recognize this and unthaw your ears and your heart to be able to receive the warmth they are providing. Seeking help is the first step to your summer season so you can see the things that are true, right, honorable, and pure. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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