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Know your Power and Control them!

How would you answer this question? "How do you stop from making a permanent decision over a temporary situation?"

As we are fresh into the new year, we are all looking for change, and although we have recently seen a continuation of last year by some of the actions some have taken, we must all do our part to refocus our minds and adjust our hearts, attitudes and judgements so that the decisions we make are not detrimental to ourselves or anyone else.

T.D. Jakes mentioned three notable areas in our lives that we can budget or manage that will allow us to make permanent decisions during our temporary situations.

The first one is power. Power is so intoxicating that it can consume and corrupt you if you don't know how to manage or regulate it. An electric power supply is sold by either being unregulated or regulated. Unregulated electricity has a tendency to fluctuate depending on the incoming voltage which can lead to irreparable damage. Regulated power has the same parts but with a voltage regulator, which ensures the output delivered is smooth and unchanging, regardless of draw or input. That voltage regulator is your budget or management over your life and others around you. Being regulated will allow you to ensure the influence that you have on someone else, and it will not allow you to manipulate or steer someone down the wrong path, with the end result of you not having any more power.

The second one is money. No matter how much or little you have, it must be managed. This is a simple concept. If you can't manage it, then you will end up broke. When you manage money, it's not saying you can't spend it, but you are more selective on what you use it for and priorities are placed on those items you are purchasing.

The third one is sex. The same way you regulate your power and manage your money is the same way you should handle your body. Our bodies are temples and should be preserved as such. We are all one of a kind and this is what makes us unique. How many friends, acquaintances, or people you met for the first time know much money you make or have saved? Is this number higher than the people you have been intimate with? Don't allow your flesh to make decisions that your head has to live with.

We all have been knocked around by the storms of life and the attitude in which we display once we get back up, is our character. Don't let unwise thoughts and bad attitudes mess up your future. Our attitude should be one of being better and not of being bitter. Managing these three aspects of your life in this new year will allow you to make permanent decisions while you are going through a temporary situation! #SPEAK2MYHEART

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