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Let's Talk About Sex

PREPARE YOUR EYES TO READ AND YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE AS YOU TAKE IN THE WORDS THAT LOOK TO CHANGE LIVES, RENEW HEARTS, AND OPEN MINDS. Sex and finances are two topics that are only discussed amongst a few people and within certain situations. Today we will discuss sex. Who remembers the group Salt-N-Pepa and their song "Let's Talk About Sex"? If you don't, I'll provide some lyrics:

"Let's talk about sex, baby Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be."

This post doesn't promote or shame people for having or not having sex, how they have it, who they have it with, or how frequent or infrequent. It's mainly to point out what happens during the entanglement or the joining together of the two bodies. Have you ever considered or pondered on what happens during sex? Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to sex. Your views on this subject could be due to your cultural norms, religious ideations, personal preference, advice, recommendations, what you have seen or heard, and possibly your orientation. Let's examine some examples.

Some prefer to have sex with the person they are married to or committed to, while others seek affection elsewhere for numerous reasons. Certain people believe that sex should only happen after you are married and no time before, while others might have a predetermined age before engaging in such activities. When you consider swingers, they engage in group sex or swap sexual partners. Let's not forget about the people with fetishes and how they cure their needs to obtain their sexual high. No matter your preferences, the reality is that you are not only connecting and exchanging bodily fluids; you are creating a soul tie.

Soul ties connect your thoughts, emotions, and memories with people, and they also bind you to the other sexual partners before you. Having safe sex by using birth control and condoms are good ways to heed off diseases and pregnancies, but what safety measures do you put in place to avoid having a broken heart or relationship? There is nothing to protect your heart or emotions once you have given all of yourself to someone, and there is nothing in return. Have you ever considered why you don't feel whole at times?

Unknowingly, you gave them a little piece of yourself every time you slept with someone. Just because you thought it wasn't anything significant, it was. The memories of that person remain with you; how they smell, how they looked and held you, all of those things tend to be like luggage that you carry on to every future relationship. And what about the times you sat and watched porn and received "tips" from them and how sex is supposed to be. Did those images help or destroy your concept of what you consider sex to be? Social media has made sex the pinnacle of any romantic relationship. The dating shows all have the contestants kissing or in sexual relations. In any show involving a connection and intimacy, the couples usually end up happy because they slept with each other. In contrast, the two that didn't have that same success didn't work out. Is this Hollywood subconsciously telling us that everyone must have sex with someone to be happy, and if you don't get that chance, you will be miserable and alone? The other thought is "that you should try out the product before committing to it," "which has also become the norm. Whatever the reason you decide to have sex, I want you to remember that as fun as sexual activity is, it also brings devastation in hurt, abuse, numbness, loneliness, disease, divorce, unwanted pregnancies, and broken families. Yes, that all seems like doom and gloom, but it brings happiness, wholeness, pleasure, children, and union when done appropriately. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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