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Love Peace and Happiness

Al Green sang about Love and Happiness.  I along with many of you know that there are different types of love and different ways to express it.  The expression of this word is based on the relationship or feelings for the person that we are saying it too. 

These loves are philia (affectionate love), pragma (enduring love), storge (familiar love), eros (romantic love), ludus (playful love), mania (obsessive love), philautia (self love), and agape (selfless love).  When Al Green sang about it, he stated that "love will make you do right, love'll make you do wrong.  It will make you come home early, make you stay out all night long.  The power of love." But now, let's examine the word happiness.  Defined as a state of being happy, content or pleasured.  Al said "happiness is when you really feel good with somebody." 

I was asked this question..."why do people choose to be content, and do they remain in a content situation just because they want to “get through life” or do they consider themselves in a happy situation?  My response was this,  I think a lot of people choose to stay in a situation such as this, to keep up the persona of being happy even if it is not reality.  The term happiness can be described in so many ways.  If you are in a relationship and you have kids, a person would say happiness is being surrounded by your family even though there is a perceived area of concern within a relationship with a spouse.  Some would say they would have happiness if they just had a certain amount of money but looking at people who have more money than one can count, we continue to hear about the issues that they have.  So what is happiness and how would you describe it?

Me personally, I think I would describe happiness as peace.  Whenever you can go somewhere and you are not anxious, scared, annoyed, or fearful and you enter a place where you feel anchored then you have happiness.  To long for a house where not only myself but anyone who enters, has a sense of peace and understanding is what I consider happiness.  I know that everyday won't be what I want or expect it to be, but waking up knowing that I have been given one more day to change my situation or someone else's through inspiration is what gives me happiness.

Being at rest, being relaxed and knowing that I have a security blanket wrapped around me relieves me of anger and anxiety, it also gives me that feeling of love that we all desire in one of the aforementioned ways. 

So, just like the word love and how it is expressed, I feel like the word happiness can be viewed in this same way.  Contentment is something that we settle for but happiness is something that we strive for.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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