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Mindset Monday

Hello and welcome to Mindset Monday. Have you ever considered how a group of people ( in this case the Israelites) wondered around for 40 years looking for the promise land? (Exodus 13:17-18)

Now let's focus on you. How old are you and have you found your promise land? If you have, congratulations! If not, let me inquire why not. 1. Did the journey become to cumbersome? 2. Did you lose focus on your goals? 3. Did you get scared of change?

When faced with adversity, we sometime become reluctance to try something new, to veer off into uncharted territory, to stray from our comfort zones, all at the risk of traveling a path that is less familiar or comfortable. Life is undoubtedly filled with trials and tribulations and you can’t afford to doubt, worry, fear, or complain—the very symptoms that kept a generation of Israelites out of their Promised Land because it undermined faith.

So continue to push, keep the faith, and not give up. At the end of your circuitous route, you will appreciate what you have accomplished once you arrive at our destination, "The Promise Land." #Speak2MyHeart

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