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Stop Running From Yourself!


When children are lying in their bed, and they get frightened from either a noise under the bed, a shadow near the closet, or someone entering the room, they immediately cover themselves up with the sheets to not be seen. In Genesis, Adam and Eve covered themselves to hide as well. In both cases, hiding was the first thing that sought out for protection. In life, we continue to do the same thing when we are scared. We run and hide from the situation or person that is causing grief, pain, or misery.

Our bodies have a natural tendency to protect themselves from possible harm by either taking fight or flight when we're in a stressful or dangerous situation. This physiological reaction allows us to deal with the threat or run to safety as it helps mobilize the body's resources to deal with the circumstances.

But what happens when the mind stays in a constant flight mode, and it's due to a person trying to avoid a situation, person, or reality? Our emotional and psychological state is damaged, and the terms depression, anxiety, and stress are words used to describe how you feel. The physical effects on your body include; headaches, chest pain, fatigue, sleep problems, upset stomach. Your days begin to look less promising due to restlessness, lack of motivation or focus, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Changes such as over or under-eating, engaging in angry outbursts, and possibly misuse drugs and alcohol occur.

Balance is the keyword in this race we call life. Our lives are just like the muscles in our bodies when we are running. They must constantly move to stay strong in order not to go weak. Allowing something or someone to hold you down through mental or physical abuse is just like a runner running in quicksand. Although they are trying to move their feet and pump their hands to get moving, they are sinking and becoming less likely to reach the destination which they are seeking. Hiding and running in the opposite direction will only tire you out.

Although we might be powerless over some things, we are not powerless over all things. Don't choose to quit the race by giving up and waling in self-pity and defeat. Face your adversities by coming out of hiding and running to and through those issues. You have the power to evolve, transform, develop, relocate, rebuild, reinvent, or whatever else is necessary to achieve your goals. Some tap out of the races because they are confused about what fulfills them. The temptation of convenience, comfort, and materialism consumes and clouds their minds.

Life is not about sprinting to the finish line. It's about being in a marathon in which you must learn to breathe to remain calm, steady, and focused while you are either walking, jogging, running, and possibly even crawling with the vision that you won't stop. Nothing will happen or change in your situation until you decide you want a different outcome. We are resilient.

Allow your fight or flight mode to take over and combat your fears by not blaming others and taking accountability and responsibility for your life. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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