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Take It Slow!

Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights quotes, "if you are not first, then you are last," which would ensure you must go fast to win, but when we learned about The Hare and The Tortoise, it reminded us that going slow and steady wins the race.

So which one is correct? Well, I am not here to answer that question because, in any situation, you must think and move quickly to get certain things completed, and you must learn to be patient and humble for other things.

Let's examine what happens when you go fast in certain instances. At certain amusement parks, they have catapult rides that launch riders in the air between 3 to 5 G's that can inevitably flood the brain with adrenaline which causes the rider to pass out. Some rides slowly ascend riders up more than 26 stories high, and a few seconds of being suspended in the air, they descend, reaching up to 67 miles per hour. More traditional roller coaster rides have some of the same effects but with more speed and turns. The people that ride these rides are called thrill seekers and are looking for that high.

In life, we also have thrill-seekers that don't look for thrill rides to get their adrenaline pumping. They prefer to use drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, and other various things to get their endorphins activated so that they can get the feeling of euphoria. What happens when that high wears off? If you guessed, they must seek out that feeling again by doing that very thing that got them to that place the first time, then you are correct.

Now I have to ask the question, "what happens when you get something too fast, such as a high-ranking position at your company but you were ill-prepared for it, or maybe you give that old-school Mustang to your 16-year-old who just received their driver's license two months ago? Do you make the excuse that they will eventually grow into that position, or they'll learn how to operate the vehicle safely?

There are steps and levels to everything we do in life. The lack of proper preparation to ascend to new levels will leave you just like the people on those rides. You will either pass out while being pulled up quickly or, it will be hard for you to breathe as you drop to the bottom.

Just as The Hare and The Tortoise fable goes, it is wise to look and plan on the goals to get you to a higher level than trying to speed, to get to that next level. Getting to a level too fast won't allow you to make the adjustments you need, and you might implode because of the pressure. Take time to learn and deal with your life struggles and storms so that you wisdom to handle future situations and possibly help others prepare for their journey. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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