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The First Time Again

The holidays usually bring up happy feelings for some and stress, depression, and anxiety for others.

I believe this year will be one of those years where we all will experience some sadness due to our current environment, but we must remember that holiday cheer if not for us, should be for our children and everyone else around us. As Christmas music is playing (sometimes a little too often for me) and the signs that remind us that "Jesus is the reason for the season," we should go back and channel our inner child. You know that feeling you got when you knew Santa Claus was coming and you asked for a thousand things such as a "Red Ryder BB gun." And how many times did you hear that if you were not good, not only would you not receive any presents but you would also get a stocking full of coal? Those were the days!

But what happened to those feelings of us knowing we were going to receive something, meet a new person, share an experience, or be prideful in what we have? Look at your current situation and answer these questions.

Do you light up with glee when you see or talk with your spouse or significant other just like the first time you met them?

Do you still have that passion for your job that you had when you first walked through those doors on your first day?

Do you still maintain the level of care and attention to detail to your vehicle just as the first day?

If you answered no to any of these questions, ask yourself why not?

This is a letter from an Amish man to his wife: "I think of times some twenty years ago when we were going through our courtship and first years of our marriage. We were in love then. We worked together, played together, laughed together, and mourned together. It seems in recent years, you are giving most of our love to the children...My heart is not made of stone. Really, it feels like it is getting more tender as the years go by. Surely the coolness that has come between us is not the way you like it. In many ways, you do your duty well. You work hard to provide a home for me and the children, and you are very unselfish in many ways. You have many flowers and they all seem to be very well cared for, except one. It is called a bleeding heart of...- Your Loving Husband, John"

I read that and realized that sometimes we get complacent on the things that we have and take them for granted. We sort of move on and when we do this, just like John, something is left behind. So during this holiday season, let's all go back to our childhood and focus on the things that made us light up, smile, and be merry as you first did and through that you will experience something again for the first time! #SPEAK2MYHEART

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