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The Race

Let's take a trip down memory lane, when proving ourselves was the peak of our existence.  The days when you wanted to prove to everyone that you were the fastest on the block, the best dressed in school or maybe you were the best fighter on the block.  The commonality of those three things is that you believed in yourself and you were willing to prove this ideology of you, no matter the cost.  What happened to that drive and that sense of proving yourself?   Did self doubt creep in or the voices of the naysayers become so overwhelming that it drowned out your thoughts? Did you reach the point that peoples opinions about you weren't as important as you thought they were?  I got it, maybe you got so distracted that you lost sight of your goals and now you have settled and are so comfortable that it doesn't matter.   Think about how many times you have started a diet or a workout and after only a few weeks of no progress, it is now by the wayside and you start telling yourself I am beautiful or handsome like this and if they don't like it, then oh well.  Or maybe when you first purchased that new car and you kept it clean but now it's a few years old, and you can't even tell what color it is.  I too, have fallen into this way of thinking on multiple occasions but then I realized that I am greater than that. 

Let's pretend that you are a runner and you have been preparing for an upcoming event.  The training that you have endured over the past few months has provided you with a better form of running and you have increased your speed and stamina and by the looks of your toned body, you are in the best shape of your life and in 6 hours, you will prove that you were the fastest contestant in the race.   Hours before the race begins, you start thinking about everything you need to prepare prior to leaving for the race.  You will need to make some bottles for the baby, take food out of the freezer so that you can cook when you come home, stop by the ATM to get some cash, purchase gas for the car and the lawn mower so you can cut the grass after the race. Now you realize that you only have 3 hours left until the race and it will take you 45 minutes to get there, so now you are starting to panic. 

Now you are at the starting line, and after only having 20 minutes to change and warm up, your mind is all over the place.  The gun fires and you are off and running and you maintain the lead and as you are approaching the finish line you being to look over your left and right shoulders to see where the other participants are and in those few seconds they pass you and cross the finish line before you.  Now you have an overwhelming sinking feeling in your gut knowing that you should have won that race but you didn't because you lost focus of the finish line and now in the immortal words of Ricky Bobby "If you ain't first, you're last" sinks in.  

Although you had the earlier distractions prior to the race you were still able to start the race on time and were able to hold the lead. Then self loathing, pride, arrogance or self doubt became so much of a deterrent that it made you take your eyes off of the finish line making you commit the cardinal sin of running. We all have had detours in our lives that have knocked us off of our course.  The key to our success is identifying the distractions, people or things that we know will make us lose our focus so that we don't succumb to a pitfall.  In order to win, we must stay focused, don't be distracted, and run the route!  "Who he chases two rabbits at once will catch none." German Proverb #SPEAK2MYHEART 

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