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The Tipping Point


Malcolm Gladwell published a book in 2000 titled "The Tipping Point." He defines it as the moment of critical mass, the threshold, and the boiling point. He proposed the three laws that described the phenomenon: The Law of the Few, The Stickiness Factor, and The Law of Context. The inflection or tipping point is the pivotal moment or point in which you have a shift in a situation where your life begins to turn entirely around, never to go back to where it was before. You will not be able to achieve this pivotal moment until you face a dramatic event or get fed up with the peaks and valleys of life, which results in a significant change in the progress of your life which could have had a positive or negative result.

Our lives are similar to a roller coaster. Most coasters start by traveling up a steep hill. Our initial ascend could be during any part of our lives when we start making decisions ourselves. We can associate this upward momentum with us beginning our journey in life, for example, possibly going off to college, joining the military, or just leaving the protection of your guardian. As the coaster nears the top, your situation or seat location will change your view of the ascending and descending experience.

We experience the same feelings of anxiousness, excitement, nervousness, an expectation of fulfillment, and safety. The same feelings that one experience when strapping the seat belt upon themselves before the ride. The decisions we make within our lives will determine how fast we will go up or down the coaster of life. Hopefully, your choices will not equal the speeds of the fastest roller coaster globally, the Formula Rossa, located in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It can accelerate 0-149 in 4.9 seconds.

As the coaster barrels down, it usually hits a turn, possibly a loop followed by another hill into another turn, with additional ups and downs, all to the faint yells of excitement, joy, terror, and relief as the operator slows the ride to conclude your moments of exhilaration. The ups and downs represent the situations they have placed themselves in, and the loops are the lessons you continually repeat because of the lack of knowledge or the stubbornness to change. Here lies the tipping point effect.

Could you imagine if there was no operator to conclude the ride and you stayed on this ride for hours, days, months, or even years? Some people's lives are in constant motion with no end in sight, which could be the sharp turns experienced on the coaster. The beauty of your life roller coaster is that you are the ride operator. You have the opportunity to slow down and end the vicious cycle.

Experiencing a fantastic result that contradicts or breaks the routine or pattern of the fluctuations of your past is when you will be able to experience being the operator of your life. Don't allow your past to keep you in a continuous loop with repetitious previous indiscretion behaviors. Knowing your weaknesses will allow you not to fall victim to someone who understands your trends and habits to take you back to a place you have escaped.

Self-awareness is vital to protecting yourself from being defeated. Remove yourself from the people who want you to remain the same for them by breaking out of your "prison of patterns." #SPEAK2MYHEART

"If you don't define yourself, your enemies will try to define you."

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