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"I hope tomorrow will bring a better you, a better me

I know that we'll show this world we got more we could be

So you should never give up on your hopes and your dreams

You gotta get up, get out, get into it, get it on to be strong."

Do you remember those lyrics? Those are from Tevin Campbell, Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me).

Tomorrow is the day after today or the start of a new day. A word used to describe a day in the future and, for some, a good word to help express their procrastination nature of putting something off. We expect tomorrow to be a better day to improve, change, add, or take away something. We use phrases such as, "I'll cook tomorrow," "I'll make that phone call tomorrow," I'll start that diet or exercise routine tomorrow," I'll quit smoking, drinking, or hooking up with random people tomorrow." Why do we consistently put off things that can be done today until tomorrow? If we did those things today, it would only make us better tomorrow.

As intrinsic as I am to goal setting, I am fully aware that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. We do have the guarantee that we will all die, but unfortunately, we don't know when. During our lifetime, we will all seek our purpose and question why we were allowed to be in existence on Earth. Some will find their purpose, while others will continue searching up to their last breath. We are all given time on this Earth to impact someone, no matter how big or small. Those impressions may be through words, actions, or deeds to a close friend, relative, or stranger. Consider the impact of a baby that lives for one minute or a person that lives to be 100. The dash in between their birth and death dates impacted someone.

Sometimes we take for granted our time and how we use it. Amid goal setting, planning, orchestrating, and searching, we often overlook our true selves, destinies, and stories that make us who we are. Here are some questions that I would like for you to ponder.

Is there a present someone can give you to make you happy forever? If you had a genie, what would be your magical wish? Are you content with yourself to include job, relationships, house, car, financial, spiritual, emotional, or mental acumen? Whom do you seek out for your joy?

The realization is that no one person will give you the perfect present to make you happy forever, nor will that person continue to make you happy if you are not satisfied. And as much as we want a genie to grant one or many wishes, it's a fairy tale that will never come true. We try to find contentment in so many things that we tend to overlook, become unfulfilled, or be displeased at the gift given to us.

We shall call this gift "The Precious Present." The Precious Present has nothing to do with wishing, finding that special someone, or all of the things you have or haven't accumulated over your lifetime. The Precious Present greatness comes from its source, "YOU," and the time you have been given and being content with where you are.

Use "The Precious Present" now to celebrate your life wins by not focusing on the past and how many things you missed out on, and stop worrying about future events that you create in your head that cause anxiety. Stay fully present and savor each moment of your life by doing better today!

"The Present Is Simply Who I Am, Just The Way I am...Right Now. And It Is Precious."

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