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"What Can I do for you Wednesday?"

Hello and welcome to "What Can I do for you Wednesday?" Just as the subject suggests, serving is the name of the game. If you had to rank yourself on a scale of zero to ten, how would you rate your attitude of serving others? Zero means you don't lift a finger and ten means you are being told to stop because you are almost overbearing in your efforts.

Our appreciation to serve others is a learned character. Some of us grew up in households or communities that prided themselves with serving others while some didn't have the luxury nor the motivation to do such. Whatever the case might be, this is your opportunity to change and realize that by serving others in a willing, cheerful, and enthusiastic manner, you will not only bring joy to the people you are helping, but it will also enhance your mood as well.

Now it's self examination time. Do you have a lot of room for growth in this area? Are your serving efforts pleasing to you and the entity that you are serving? If you get the opportunity, check out this 3 minute video. This short video explains that the little things do matter and it's not all about seeking the fame, recognition, or money when serving. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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