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What did you get your boss for Boss's Day?

Another day, another dollar is the cliché we always hear.  But is it?  Not for some, as it could be a lot less and for others a lot more.  No matter if you make more or less than what you think you should be making, did you make today count?  Did you give it your all by completing every task?  Did you inquire about additional duties or more work due to you finishing a task before the deadline?  Instead of using your full 30 minute lunch break, did you only take 25 minutes instead of the 45 minutes like your co-workers do?  Did you focus on doing what you had to do today to make yourself better instead of comparing yourself? I was privileged to lead and mentor a great number of Sailors while I served in the military.  The common complaints that I would hear about were pay, recognition, working hours, and communication.  All valid topics that I addressed with them, and it came down to the same question, "If you were the leader of yourself, could you justify recommending yourself for any type of recognition that would lead to higher pay when you are the last to show up for work, the first to leave and upset all the time because you failed to communicate on the status of tasks that you were provided?"  I would then proceed by telling them that they are getting paid on the 1st and the 15th of every month to show up to work on time, in the correct uniform, and complete the average amount of work that was assigned to them.  So at what point should they get anything more?  At this point, they were usually in awe, and the seeds were planted in their heads on these simple questions. 

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to change their occupation or position in their current company, but you do have the opportunity to change your mindset and the way you approach a job.  By changing the way you think about your value to a company, it will influence the value you put into your work and the passion for your job.  If you develop a negative mindset then your quality of work will lessen, and your attitude will decline but if you develop a more positive mindset then your potential can be enhanced, and your knowledge sharpened.  Every situation is different, and we all have our issues with either our workload, supervisor, working hours, pay, and amid amount of things, but don't let your excuses ruin your results.  If you, were your leader, how would you rate your performance?  Well here is where I'm going to say, "CONGRATULATIONS" on your selection of being the boss of yourself.  Now boss, are you going to sit back and let your new employee offer you excuses as to why something can't be done or are you going to direct, guide, and encourage your employee to find a way to showcase their gifts, abilities and talents to make the job, home, community and society better.  #SPEAK2MYHEART

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