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Why Do We Hate The Days That We Have Been Blessed With?

I saw a post from one of my Fellow Chief Brother's that stated he loved Monday's and he provided reasons on why.  So my question is, "why do people hate Mondays so much or why is it you feel the need to have a vacation after returning from vacation?"  Maybe because you start remembering about the work you didn't get completed the previous week, or an uneasy conversation that might cause conflict, or maybe the mere thought of exhaustion from last week is still lingering into the upcoming week? 

After doing a quick search on the internet, I found and they provided eight reasons. 

1.  Not emotionally invested in what you're doing. 2.  The feeling of being overwhelmed due to the lack of preparation the day before.3.  "Misery loves company”,  everyone else does so, might as well join the crowd. 4.  Not excited about the work you do. 5.  Too much social media bashing Monday. 6.  You just came from a long weekend with friends and now you have to return to co-workers that you might not like or care for. 7.  Instead of taking it day by day, you plan your next weekend on Sunday and try to rush through the week but Monday starts that dreaded week. 8.  Monday signifies doing it "all over again" and you feel that there is no "means to an end." These eight statements are great excuses for people who hate Mondays or from the ones who have had an extended amount of time away.  Knowing that you will have to get back into an exhausting routine can eat at your core and in fact wear your body and soul down.  This can affect other relationships with people, your perspective on life, and most important you.

How do you overcome these feelings?  Amazingly enough, the Bible states in Genesis 2:2, God had finished the work he had been doing and on the seventh day he rested from all His work.  If you have six days each week for your ordinary work and you put aside the seventh day to “not be” busy doing chores or any type of work and just rested, how much better do you think you will feel waking up on Monday or whatever your first day back would be? 

Take the time to look at Monday as a fresh start, you should use Sunday or the day before your work week to prepare yourself for that next day.  Have a plan on what you plan on accomplishing by setting goals and give yourself a vision for the week.  Practice gratitude for being able to see another day and lastly adopt a different mindset by being more positive and look for positive aspects about the upcoming week rather than dwell on the negative.  #SPEAK2MYHEART 

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