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Why Should You Be Allowed In Their Life?


Why does our society value the lives of famous people more than ordinary people, like you and I, and why do we think we have the right to be involved in their lives?

I remember when my kids would ask me if I knew some actor or actress and I would respond to them with a “no, and they don't know me so I guess we are even”. When we see or hear about a famous person, we know them for what they do and not them personally. I think that it is awesome that they share their gifts with us, but I (we) must understand that they are not obligated to share themselves with us. Some people have become so obsessed with the lives of well known people that they forget about the people that they see everyday. Think about when Michael Jackson, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or Chadwick Boseman passed, there were more people crying for these people that they knew nothing about, other than their gifts and talents that they shared with us to make us fall in love with them. It was a limited number of people that knew Mr. Boseman had a condition that would take this man from the world so soon. What about Michael Jackson or Prince, did the world know about their issues? Probably not, and should we as fans need to know what they are going through and if you answer yes, what makes you think that you are so important to encroach upon their private lives?

I remember a few years ago, my friend Dave and I went to a Boston Celtics game and we had the honor and privilege to sit courtside in our Navy Chief Uniforms and as the players were warming up for the game, a few of them stopped to greet us, thanked us for our service, and took a moment to take pictures with us. Dave was even presented one player's autographed, game worn, shoes as a gift. This one particular night, I thought I was someone special who thought that I had the right to enter into the life of one of the players who was playing. Throughout the warm up session and the game, I continued to shout his name to get his attention, and after two quarters of this, the more I screamed the more he ignored me. As a fan, I was taken back and got a little upset at this, but in reality, he didn't owe me anything and I didn't owe him anything. This is when I realized that I wasn't at the game to see what his mannerisms were or how nice he was to his fans but I was there to see his talents and see how effective he was against the other team. Him not partaking in the sideline antics that the others and I were involved in that night, showed that he cared more about himself and his performance than what others thought of him. In my mind, I just thought that he was being rude and not respecting his elders by not acknowledging me, but in reality he was trying to avoid being depleted and frustrated by removing the gifted (himself) from the gift (his basketball talents).

Him staying focused helped the Celtics get the victory that night and he was the leading scorer and MVP of the game.

Everyone has a right to choose who they want to allow in their lives and as fans, we need to understand that these people are just like us. I have known many people that have had the opportunity to meet famous people throughout their lives and I have heard the good and the bad stories. Well, let me offer this to you...the more gifted and effective you are at whatever you do, the more you are personally drained from who you are as a person.

So just because that person snapped at you for asking for an autograph, ignored you while they had their family in tow and tried various ways to avoid you from asking you for a picture with them, realize that they owe you nothing. They have given you their time, talent, gifts and abilities for you to admire but their lives are something that they must invite you into. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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