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Why the darkness is good!

Why is darkness or the color black (actually the lack of color) associated with mourning, evil, death, and other negative connotations?  Take for instance the phrase "what's done in the dark will come to light."  I am quite sure you have heard this a time or two.  To take this statement at face value, one would say that if you wanted to do something that is not seen as appropriate or out of character, then you should do it in darkness with the understanding that light will reveal those negative actions or secrets that are being hidden.

Another term that is used quite often is "I am in a dark place in my life right now."  Have you ever considered the uniqueness of darkness?  In the absence of light, darkness can offer a sense of protection, rest, and self-care.  The first thing doctors recommend to their patients that suffer from migraine headaches is to remove themselves from the brightness and go into the darkness for relief.  Melatonin which is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and repair hormone, that helps improve your sleep and overall health is only produced when it gets dark.  Sleep is believed to fight weight gain, diabetes and cancer so why wouldn't you want to be in the dark?  Photographers rely on darkrooms to develop light-sensitive photographic materials, including film and photographic paper. 

So yet again, why is darkness associated with mourning, evil, death, and other negative connotations?  Some of the most beautiful things have happened in the dark.  Think about the metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a butterfly, or a baby in the womb of its mother.  What about the vegetables that you eat that have been hidden in the darkness underground such as carrots, turnips, garlic and onions. 

So yes, I would agree with the statement that all things done in the dark will come to light but with the exception that not all things that are done in the dark are evil or negative.  The beautiful wings of a butterfly are on full display after being in the darkness, after being in a dark womb for months, babies enter the light of the world and are adored, and some of the most admired pictures had to be void of light to be developed.

For seeds to germinate, they require water and the darkness of soil and to rejuvenate your body, you need the darkness to produce melatonin.  So, if you are in a dark place, don't give up because things do grow and become stronger in the darkness.  #SPEAK2MYHEART 

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