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Your Self-Building Is A Process!


If you were allowed to walk into a preexisting home with little to no money down as early as tomorrow, would you jump on this offer? You would be allowed to move into the home as soon as the very next day with the understanding that you were the only one who could inspect the house. Upon approaching the house, you admire the curb appeal, the location is where you want to be, the neighbors are more than welcoming, and the homeowner has already assured you that everything is safe and sound, as to the best of their knowledge. Would you accept this offer?

Before you accept that offer, the homeowner inquires if you would consider waiting on a home that will take two years to complete. He assured you that this is your home, and you will be allowed to provide the builder your designs and build it in the location of your choice. The only stipulation is that you would have to exercise patience and wait for the completion. Is this something you would wait for, or would you take the first offer?

This scenario is a typical decision that we all face on a day-to-day basis in our lives Do we want instant gratification, or will we be patient? Is the new shiny object better, or do I continue to polish mine to enhance it? Do I stop at the fast-food restaurant, or do I go home and cook? Do I take another job because I can make more money with the knowledge that I will not advance in that new position, or do I stay at this job and continue to make my way up the ladder? Do I continue to return to an unhealthy relationship because I am comfortable, or do I wait to be in a relationship that I can call my own?

Sometimes we don't realize we are making permanent decisions on a temporary situation until we see the consequences. Only time will bring fruition to what is underneath. Considering the examples with the house, if you chose to take the preexisting, would you still take it knowing that it was a fault line under the structure and it was predicted for the house to fall in two years? What about the person who jumped at the opportunity to pursue that new job for more money and then find out that there were more responsibilities than expected and are ill-prepared to handle those situations. And the person that continues to go back to that unhealthy relationship finds out that they have contracted a disease and the other person has left them to deal with it by themselves.

When we make decisions, we have to consider the situation and the consequences. The saying is, "don't make permanent decisions for temporary situations, meaning take the time to weigh your decisions. Another saying is, "when you don't know what to do, do something," now how smart is that?

We all get impatient with things in our lives, and this is when we think that building something will take too long. I would offer this to you, the only way you can know what you got, and the only way you know what you can stand is to build it from the ground up. You have to stay actively engaged in the process.

While you are being pulled in every direction, struggling with addictions, wrestling with right and wrong, being tempted by pleasure, and overall aggravated because nothing is going right, remember this is what is needed to build your foundation. During this period, you learn as you grow and learn how to deal with those situations.

"When what you believe infiltrates behavior, the process gives what gives you foundation." Don't let fear rush your decisions. Practical decisions require practical senses. There is no shortcut to excellence. #SPEAK2MYHEART

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