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Power Over Me


What has power over you? Are the influences in your life-altering your decision-making? Here are the lyrics from Gregory Porters’ “Holding On.”

“Though my past has left me bruised, I ain’t hiding from the truth, when the truth won’t let me lie right next to you, but it’s holding on, and it’s holding strong, even though I tried to make it, played the part, but I can’t fake it.

It keeps holding on, and it’s holding strong even though I tried to break it; heaven knows that I can’t shake it.“

In the age of information overload, money, sex, drugs, and violence remain in the headlines. We are then told to be vigilant, keep our heads on a swivel, always look out, and stay woke. But what does that all mean?

How is the propaganda from different sources hindering your growth physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually? I would venture to say that if you are not in the midst of the right environment or relationship or don’t have an encouraging support system, you are not coping too well. I hope and pray that you are around engaging, empathic, caring, and positive people you can lean on, but we all know this is not true for everyone.

Reversion occurs instead of conversion.

While we all “, TRY” our best to make it through life, “stuff” happens (distractions) that make us relive or revert to a previous version of ourselves. We all have certain things in our past that we have given the power to that make us think that our history is better suited or that we are unworthy of our present or future. This power always shows up in our lives when everything is looking brighter. The control appears in many forms, such as drugs, alcohol, previous unhealthy relationships, sex, or bad habits. It is anything that seems to pull you back 200 yards in a 100-yard race.

Focusing on what you don’t have leads you to have images of self-defeat and perpetuates the victim mentality. Then the issue of doubt, confusion, anger, unworthiness, rejection, and a slew of other negative thoughts begin to resonate and surface. I once read, “the worst wheel on a cart makes the most noise, but there are three good wheels that are silent and forgotten.”

It is always said, “it’s not about how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up.” So how do you handle your trips, falls, and setbacks? Do you let the power return you to the old you by sending you into mad frenzies, blaming, yelling, acting out, procrastinating, or covering up? Or do you put factors and strategies in place to allow healing, motivation, and strength?

Make today the day you take control of your life by removing the strongholds. Start by identifying your needs (something that is necessary) and your wants (wishes). Next, set small goals for yourself as some things might be too big to handle all at once. Taking one step at a time will give you that winning feeling. Don’t get caught up with quality, quantity, or being perfect. Ask for help by seeking assistance. Allow this person to be your accountability partner and be open to their recommendations and feedback.

Lastly, learn how to praise yourself. Be grateful for where you have come. Don’t give your power away. Your self-esteem and positive outlook are created and owned by you.

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