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My father spoke at a funeral a couple of weeks ago, and he provided two subjects for the people in attendance. First, we are all given a test to pass or fail. This test is called our life. The life test results will only be provided to us when we die. Unlike other exams, no one other than the dead person knows if they passed the final exam. For anyone that believes that there is a heaven and hell, heaven would represent a passing score while hell represents failure. He stated that while we can only speculate if the person passed or failed their test according to their life, no one will ever be certain.

He reminded the audience not to judge where that person will end up but take the time to remember that person, recognize how that person impacted your life and others around them, and think about how they would want you to continue living your life. While remembering that person, he instructed them to take the time to review their own lives. Understanding that the test is over for that person, you must realize that your life is still ongoing and how you handle your situations will determine your final grade. After you remember the person and review your life, you must refocus on your purpose.

Using the context of remembering, reviewing, and refocusing, I often think of all the times I have heard people state that they wish they could give their younger self advice to help them avoid the pitfalls that hindered their progress. When we were young, we always looked forward to our future. As you age, you tend to stop focusing on your future and look back at your past. Older people see the good old days, while the young see only bright horizons. Both views serve an essential purpose. We display enthusiasm during our youth, which allows us to forge ahead with momentum and passion while old brings experience, insight, and wisdom.

At what age does this happen? I would go on a limb and say that there is no age limitation or requirement for this switch to occur. Life experiences determine what you see and what you do. Although going back in time to provide your younger self advice to avoid pitfalls sounds like a solid plan, would you accept it? Even so, by not having those experiences, how would you be prepared for any challenges that you might incur?

We have to realize failure in life is inevitable. "Failure gives you inner security that you know how it feels and you survived it. It's the test that you must take for yourself to understand how to discover yourself."

God made youth and old age for a reason as they need each other. You should celebrate your childhood and be thankful for old age.

Remembering and reviewing our youth should refocus our vision for our older age. "Life is lived forward but only understood backward!"

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